What to remember ahead of moving out day - student accommodation - Torsion Students
Date August 2022

What to remember ahead of moving out day – student accommodation

Packing is never fun.

Well, maybe if you’re headed off on a summer vacay. Otherwise it can feel like a bit of a chore.

It’s tempting to leave it until the last minute, shove everything in your suitcase and car and set off on your way. But whether you’re leaving student-living for good, or heading home for summer, there are some important things to remember that could save you money, time, and headaches in the long run.

So make this list a priority before you start to pack up your things, and advise your flatmates to do the same. Whether you’re a part of the Torsion student community or not, we recommend tackling the move out of student accommodation bit by bit in the lead up to moving day, to save yourself from unnecessary stress.
Re-visit the itinerary

When you first arrived, your landlord or operator should have provided you with an itinerary. You’ll want to go over this again to ensure all items are left where they were originally found, appliances are in working order, and furniture is left in its original place. The itinerary or contract should also have details of rent conditions including deposit or outstanding payments on the account. This ensures no pesky bills crop up whilst you’re enjoying your summer holidays, and everyone in your shared accommodation knows where they stand.
Take photos

Take thorough pictures of the property before you leave. There is no real need to share these with your landlord unless a problem or issue arises. In most cases, landlords and operators will be decent people and likewise, you’ve probably left the property in the same state you found it. But in the instance that a problem arises, you’ll want to cover yourself with time and date-stamped photos of any existing damage to walls, doors, carpets, furniture or appliances.
Be honest

However, if you are privy to any damage that occurred during your stay, be upfront and honest with your landlord about this. Yes, you may be liable for costs but honesty is the best policy, and being upfront may work in your favour. Leaving without a mention of the damage may leave a sour taste that could result in heftier financial penalties.

Make a record of readings

If you’re living outside of the Torsion student community and your package wasn’t all-inclusive of bills, you might’ve been using a meter. Take photos and make note of the readings on the day you leave. This means you can provide date-stamped evidence to utility providers if they are to question your usage. No one wants to be paying for electricity and gas they didn’t use, and this is especially important now with the continuous rise in household bills.

Change of address
Contact all important establishments such as your bank, your university administration, and your phone network provider to inform them of your change of address. This will ensure any post gets redirected to your new residence. Now is also a good time to double check you’re all up to date with any payments on the property.
Don’t forget the keys

Books, laptop, clothes. You’re not likely to forget your own stuff. But remember the keys/fobs and any spares you were responsible for. If you’re not sure, follow up with your landlord or operator on what you’re expected to do with these when you leave.
Check all the plug sockets

By double checking all of your plug-sockets, you can be sure you don’t leave behind any of your own appliances, devices or chargers. But it’s also important to turn everything off at the mains for safety and cost-saving purposes.
Clean up

It’s common courtesy to leave the accommodation in a relatively clean and clear state. No one is expecting you to spend out on cleaning products and perform a ‘Mrs Hinch-style’ deep clean. But just make sure the sinks are clear of any clutter and old food, toilets have been flushed, surfaces and floors are wiped down, and bins are emptied. This will prevent the build-up of odours once you’re out.

The above steps should help you approach moving out day with confidence and ease. It’s a good feeling to know everything is taken care of when you leave, so you can focus on the next chapter of your life without looming bills, angry landlords or forgotten equipment. You may wish to make a list of what you need to remember to, and categorise this into sections – like we suggested in this blog. That way, you’re sure to remember even your smaller items that could otherwise get left in a drawer or cupboard.