ASK4 to Provide Torsion Students Lincoln Houses with superfast Wi-Fi
Date February 2022

ASK4 to Provide Torsion Students Lincoln Houses with superfast Wi-Fi

Torsion Students enlisted the expertise of ASK4 to provide Internet services to our Lincoln student accommodation, Pine Mill as connectivity in houses could have proven somewhat complex.  

In a traditional student house, one tenant would have to put their name against a domestic broadband account, typically with a minimum contract length and termination notice period, there may be a setup fee and a waiting period for the service to be connected and it would require a router being plugged into the main phone line, typically downstairs in a living room.


Most crucially, there would be admin over splitting the bill, unfair signal coverage with some bedrooms having a great signal and some very poor as the wireless signal travels from the router through floors, walls and furniture, and no wired access in bedrooms. 


ASK4 were quick to identify how to overcome these challenges at Pine Mill student accommodation with a service from a dedicated 1Gb/s fibre line to the site with a wireless service that has been expertly planned with access points (i.e., heavy duty routers) strategically placed around each house to ensure excellent stable coverage.


Wired ports in each bedroom with connectivity from move in day, with a quick and easy sign-up process to get residents’ devices online and access to a 24/7/365 multi-lingual UK-based support team for each resident will ensure that the service at Pine Mill will be unparalleled compared to other university accommodations 


Torsion Students recognises how important it is to have a stable, secure, consistent internet service which is why ASK4 were invited to get this service ready from day-one.

This really sets the bar high for student properties – If you stay at Lincoln uni accommodation Pine Mill, residents won’t have to worry about signing up for their own broadband service, sharing bandwidth with housemates or adding signal boosters to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to the top floor.

They will move into houses serviced by a dedicated fibre line with expertly planned wireless coverage throughout and wired ports in each bedroom.

Each housemate will also have their own private and secure wireless network, meaning they can connect all of their wireless-enabled devices together over a virtual network only they can access.  


So, when you have to attend lectures online, you want to chat to friends and family online or you’re a gamer, Pine Mill will allow you to relax safe in the knowledge that your internet is taken care of.