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Date January 2022

Burn-out free study tips!

By Torsion Students 


There are so many hints and tips to study well – to be honest, everyone has their own way of doing things. What might work for you may be useless for your friend – and vice versa. Sadly, we can’t do the hard work for you, but we have done our research, we’ve asked the students staying at our Uni accommodation, and here are some helpful hints and tips on how to study and make it work for you. 


  1. Little and often! 

Creating good habits make everything that much easier. If you study a little every day you’ll always be reviewing and remembering things. Last minute cramming can be a nightmare so break it down into bite-size chunks and it will become less of a mountain to climb. If you’re finding you’re running out of time to study, cut back on other activities. While focusing on studying probably means spending less time checking social media, playing video games or socialising, we promise it’ll be worth it and you’ll be back taking part in all aspects of student life before you know it. 


  1. Make a plan 

Make the most of your study time with a plan – and add in a bit of flex for the times when you need a break from the books. Set time limits – before you start your work, create a to do list and give yourself time to spend on each task. If you don’t get something done in that time, consider if you keep going with it (if you have got into the flow!), or perhaps start working on something else and loop back later. Set alarms as reminders to keep your study plans on track.

Maybe go analogue and get a wall planner for your student accommodation room so you can see it whenever you’re studying – and plan ahead. Mark up important dates like exams and assignment due dates and use it to block out your regular study timetable. Creating good habits from the outset is the best way. Come exam season a good App to help you plan is Exam Countdown (iOS). 


  1. Location, location, location 

In your bedroom, or at the library, it’s important to find the study space that works for you. If your chosen uni accommodation is with us here at Torsion Students you can also make the most of our study rooms. Whatever you decide make sure it’s quiet, comfortable and free from distractions. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Whatever can work, but make sure you get enough rest. Pushing yourself late at night can make you too tired to study properly. The aim is to feel happy and inspired, and not stressed or nervous. 


  1. What’s your style?

Each of us have a preferred style of learning. This can be by listening, using visuals or perhaps through role play, get to know which learning style works for you. You may learn which works through trial and error – but that’s fine. Try a few methods to see which one works best for you. Explore learning styles in more detail here: 


  1. Review, revise, repeat

It’s important to go back over the things you’ve covered in your lectures. Reviewing what you have studied can help pack key concepts into your brain, ready to remember when you need them the most. Maybe ask one of your flat mates to test you – and you can do the same for them. And if you love a flash card, take a look at StudyBlue, an app that uses course information to create a flash card sets for related revision. 


  1. Step away from your desk

Just as important as getting stuck into the books is taking well-earned breaks…. especially if you’re feeling tired. Spending too long on a task can actually lower your performance. Get away from your desk or study space – explore your student accommodation and perhaps head to the kitchen, make a drink, or take a quick power walk or do some yoga to free your mind. Come back to the books feeling refreshed and reenergised! 


  1. Get your mates involved

Sometimes studying is less of a bind if you get a group of friends together. Stay in one of our student properties and you can work in one of our communal areas. A change of scenery can help to get the creative juices flowing, and if you bring a few snacks to share while studying, it makes it all the more social!   


  1. App it up

They say there’s an app for everything. A great revision app is Go Conqr, which includes resources to create revision charts, flash cards, notes, mind maps and quizzes. It can also connect you with friends, classmates or students studying the same subject on the other side of the world! 

Evernote is another good one – it allows you to capture a note or memo in any format and save in folders. Great for to do lists and making notes on subject areas! 


  1. Self-care

Bottom line…. you’ll work better if you take care of yourself. Sleep, good diet, exercise will all help. Banish the naughty snacks or late-night studies – well, not all the time! 


  1. If in doubt, get musical (but forget the lyrics!)

Yes, a bit random but why not incorporate music into your study session? We all love music and tend to think we can successfully listen to it as we study, but it doesn’t always work out well. Although it’s nice to have your perfect playlist to keep you company, the lyrics can be a bit distracting.

If you are writing, lyrics can get in the way and slow you down. That’s why instrumental music is worth looking into. You can still have the comfort of some catchy background noise, but without the words that can mess with your mind.

Classical is a go-to genre but you could even find some pop or rock with the words taken out – check out iTunes or Spotify. It can really help! 


  1. Bonus Tip…Stay Connected!

This is a bonus tip and it might seem obvious – but do make sure you have reliable internet. You could really do without the stress of having the WiFi cut out when you are in the middle of studying and then having to deal with your supplier. In the Torsion Students properties, this need never be a problem. Our student properties come with super-fast WiFi and someone available at the end of the phone to help you out if you need. 


These are just a selection of the things you can do to get motivated to study. You might have other techniques that work or ask friends and lecturers for some hints and tips. Whatever strategy you decide on, when you find something that works just go for it!