How to master the ultimate student festive celebration! - Torsion Students
Date December 2021

How to master the ultimate student festive celebration!

As the holidays approach, you know that soon enough you’ll have to travel away from your Uni family and back home to your real family (ugh, those horrid siblings!).

But student accommodation is practically your home away from home and so surely you must have some kind of celebration with them before leaving.


Festival Meal:

Before leaving, we always have a festive meal, but not exactly a traditional one.

Instead of the typical turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and so on. We have a blend of all kinds of food.

Our flat is made up of people from a diverse set of cultures, and so we have a bit of food from every culture.

Each person is welcome to buy something in or cook their own meal, as long as it is something they would eat back home, and share it with everyone else.

This way, we all get to see what each of us eats during this festive time. In my flat most of my flatmates were British and had mostly tried Chinese food from takeaways, and so I bought some food from the takeaways and Sainsburys to let them try some snacks like Spring Rolls and Dumplings.


Secret Santa:

Secret Santa’s are always a fun way to get each other some gifts and cheer each up before we all leave for Christmas.

If you didn’t know already, Secret Santa’s are a gift giving activity, where everyone’s name is put into a hat or some sort of box.

Then everyone picks out a name that isn’t their one and gets that person a gift.

To make it easier for each of us we set some ground rules, such as the price of the gift should be under £10 and does not have to be anything of significance.

Even though you may still get each other things like candy or a bottle of beer, it is still a fun heart-warming activity to go through!


Fun Activities:

Other activities that we like to hold range from film nights to game nights to treasure hunts.

Film nights  were fairly common with everyone choosing a Christmas film like Home Alone or Die Hard to watch.

This can be done by asking everyone to write up a list of films we want to watch maybe a day or week before we want to watch it.

Then on the day, whichever film comes up most on the list is watched.


Games nights are a must-do to celebrate the festive season too!

We recommend games, such as piccolo, ring of fire and cards against humanity are guaranteed to bring the laughs!



Those are the best ways you can celebrate Christmas at University and have a happy jolly time with your flatmates before going home for Christmas!

Hope you all enjoy the holidays and make sure to rest plenty before coming back for next term!