Why Rebook your Room? - Torsion Students
Date December 2021

Why Rebook your Room?


You have the opportunity to rebook your student accommodation with Torsion Students, so what are you waiting for?

There are lots of reasons why we don’t want you to leave – mainly because we will miss you, obviously but also because there are loads of benefits that will help you. Here are some of them:

Your loyalty is being rewarded:

The price and incentives we are offering now quite simply wont get any better – we mean what we say and that is because we want you to feel valued as our existing residents. The current offers will be expiring on 31.12.21 and whilst we may have other incentives available throughout the year, they will never be as good as they are now.

You get first dibs on a room:

If you have been secretly eyeing up a different room type because you want a bit more space or really fancy being near reception because of all those parcels you keep getting delivered, now is your chance. You get to choose whether to keep your existing student room or choose a new one – variety is the spice of life after all!

Or…keep your own room:

Your room has become your home and you might not want to leave it when you have just got it as you like it. If you do decide to keep the same room, you can leave your stuff there between your 21/22 and your 22/23 contract so you don’t need to pack, clean, transport your belongings only to bring them back again a few weeks later.

No deposit:

This year we have decided to remove the need to pay a deposit after listening to you all describing the challenge of getting hold of the extra cash. However, if you move elsewhere, the likelihood is that you will need to fork up for an upfront payment and you wont get your deposit back from us for 21/22 until you move out. The solution…just stay with us 😃

Leave your belongings:

We have already mentioned this but as it can be such a huge hassle, it deserves its’ own section. If you move to a student house or other private halls, you will need to pack your belongings up and either pay for storage or drag everything back to your parents’ house. Then bring it all back again when you move back for the new semester. If you haven’t experienced doing this yet – it is a lot. Somehow you will have accumulated way much more stuff than what you originally moved in with and it may not even fit in your mums’ car this time round!

Stay with your friends:

You may have made new friends you really want to live with or you ay just want to stay with your existing flatmates or housemates and that’s fine. We have full flats and houses available that you can book with whoever you want. And if you’re Mr or Mrs popular and want to live with all your pals, just book next to each other!

Its easy…

Literally log into your online account and fill out a form. End of. You don’t need to go anywhere, speak to anyone or pay anything. Even if none of the above points are enough to persuade you, surely taking the lazy option and filling in an online form from your bed will sway you. Go on…we’ll be your BFF.

There are so many reasons to rebook your room but they really all boil down to ease and convenience and we really believe we offer the best student accommodation for you.