5 tips for christmas shopping on a budget - Torsion Students
Date December 2021

5 tips for christmas shopping on a budget

As a student, Christmas can be a hard time financially. With Christmas balls, Christmas meals, trains home and presents to buy, monthly budgets go out of the window. Giving gifts is a great feeling, and in this blog, we’ll find out how to do it without breaking the bank!


  1. NUPP is the way forward

No Unnecessary Present Pacts are increasingly popular. What better way to save than not buy in the first place? Christmas is not a retail festival; your entire contacts list does not need buying for. Gift giving creates an obligation for the other person to also buy a gift. Having a pact means both parties are clear on what’s happening. Win-win!

  1. Secret Santa

Instead of buying everyone in your flat a Christmas gift, why not organise a flat secret Santa with a £5 budget? That way, you only have to buy one gift rather than 6 or 7! Some websites even allow you to create a wish list, so you know your gift is actually going to be useful!

  1. Plan to meet people after Christmas


By planning to meet people after Christmas, you can buy in the boxing day sales! (Or even be sneakier and give away any unwanted gifts).

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Have you got any unused presents lying around from last year? Recycle them! If you’re not going to use it, why keep it? Or maybe you could try some crafts, maybe do some baking (chocolate slabs are usually a winner) or fill a mason jar with ingredients for cookies or cake. Try your hand at jam making or even chutney (that’s if you don’t mind your flat smelling of vinegar!). Pinterest is a great source of ideas of easy, budget friendly crafts.

  1. Start a new tradition

People often say that Christmas is about being present rather than the presents, so instead of buying gifts, why not arrange an experience? A café walk with friends, a trip to the Christmas markets, a Santa dash or a day volunteering at a local food bank?