How to be a Black Friday pro! - Torsion Students
Date November 2021

How to be a Black Friday pro!

By Rebecca Laithwaite


So, it’s that time of year again where Christmas shopping and bargains are on everyone’s mind. Finding the perfect gift for family and friends is no easy task and the saving grace rolls around every year, Black Friday.


There’s an art to mastering Black Friday and we’re spilling the secrets to make your lives easier!


  1. Check out the deals at the start of the week!

Usually companies like Amazon will have a lot of their deals out during the week to stagger the bargain hunters. So don’t feel like you have to wait until Friday to find the best deals!


  1. Have a plan in place

Retail therapy is always something to lift spirits. But if you have an idea on what it is you need, or want to buy as a gift then you can get onto that site straight away, rather than wandering aimlessly.


  1. Hold off on ‘big buys’ until Black Friday!

If you’re thinking about treating yourself, hold off until Black Friday. That includes student accommodation! We have Black Friday deals coming out because everyone loves a deal! Even with their future accommodation.


  1. Cyber Mondays shouldn’t be forgotten

Tech deals are always beloved and even if you think everything is done by the end of Black Friday companies like Curry’s and Vodafone always have something up their sleeve to get you the best deals.


So keep an eye out this week for the best deals and enjoy shopping!