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Date November 2021

Top 5 TV shows you need to watch

Here’s our guide to the Top 5 TV shows to watch  in your student room or in your student house or flat as the long nights draw in close.




Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and boy falls in love with girl. Well not quite as easy as you might think.

This Netflix adaptation of the Caroline Kepnes novel, You is a psychological thriller of secrets, obsession and desire.

In truth, You is a great watch on the basis of the suspense and drama it offers. And discovering how far someone would go on the basis of love?

You currently has three seasons to watch and a fourth season will be coming in the future.



The Man in the Castle/Amazon Prime 


Imagine a dystopian future in an alternative reality or alternative history.

The Man in the High Castle is exactly that, a dystopian vision of a world based on a scenario if Germany and Japan were successful during World War Two.

The result is a divided America, where the Japanese occupy the eastern part of America and the Germans the western part.

The Man in the High Castle is on Amazon Prime and has four seasons to enjoy.


The Last Kingdom/ Netflix


Choosing the right path and making the right decision is not always the easiest.

Just ask Utred of Bebbanburg in the Netflix series The Last Kingdom, who as a young boy is taken from his Saxon home of Bebbanburg in the North of England and raised in the culture and values of Viking law from oversea invaders.

What emerges is a clash of  ideas and values. Ultred must choose a path.

Does he embrace his heritage and embrace the way of Anglo-Saxon or adopt the way of his Viking upbringing.

This show has four series to watch and a fifth season is coming soon.


The Witcher/Netflix


Video game fans will be familiar with The Witcher game franchise and the story it tells.

It is based around Geralt of Rivia, a mutated being with magical enhanced powers andstudent accommodation lincoln supernatural senses that enables him to fight beings and monsters from other worlds.

Otherwise known as a witcher, Geralt takes on contracts to slay monsters and beasts for coins.

The netflix adaptation draws on these ideas and follows the same story set in the Andrzej Sapowski novels of the same name.

Geralt must find and protect a mysterious princess of Cintra Ciri and help her become accustomed to the ways of the Witcher.

He encounters romance, and must deal with mysterious creatures such as dragons in his quests.

The Witcher offers good special effects and is relatively new to Netflix.

There is currently one season and the second season is set to come on air on Netflix on the 17th December.


The Umbrella Academy/Netflix

Going full superhero mode in this one, The Umbrella Academy is a series on Netflix that follows an adopted family of super-powered misfits whose exploits as children have left them traumatised somewhat.

Now as adults, they hear of their adopted father’s death and come together to solve the mystery of how it happened.

Worth watching on the basis of cool action scenes, comedy and each sibling has a unique story to tell.

Umbrella Academy currently has two seasons to enjoy on Netflix.