Taking Care of your student accommodation - Torsion Students
Date November 2021

Taking Care of your student accommodation

By Torsion Students 


Getting your deposit back is like a surprise payday at the end of your tenancy – you probably forgot you’d be getting some cash back when you move out of your student accommodation. 

Most landlords don’t want to catch you out, they want to return your deposit as that means you have looked after the property, they have less to do, you have a great experience and they can get the new tenants in quickly (unless you rebook!).


So how can you do your best to ensure you get your deposit back when you move out of your student home? 


  • Take photos of the condition of everything when you move in to your Uni housing. Ideally you will ask for any big things to be put right but just in case, save the photos of every scratch and mark for when you move out so you can prove it wasn’t you who damaged it. 


  • Keep it clean – this might sound obvious but a little bit of effort every week will ensure that grime doesn’t build up and when it does, it is so much harder to shift. Make sure you have the right cleaning products and equipment so there is no excuse not to get stuck in. The kitchen is where most dirt builds up and some things do need a little extra care such as cleaning the oven or bin. 


  • Open windows regularly – not only will this keep your room smelling fresh, it will also reduce the risk of getting mould and condensation especially if you dry your clothes inside.  


  • Look after the white goods – these are expensive to replace so you really want to care for these. Things like not breaking your freezer drawers, cleaning the fridge out regularly, wiping down the microwave after use and with the washing machine, run it on a really hot wash every now and then and wipe the rubber seal to get rid of any smells. 


  • Clean your room or flat properly before moving out – it will state in your tenancy agreement that you need to return your student lets in the same condition as when you moved in otherwise your deposit will be deducted for professional cleaning. Your shared kitchen should be a joint responsibility – all muck in. 


  • Every term, your room or flat will be inspected so create a great first impression. Make sure it smells fresh, the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and there is evidence a hoover has graced the carpet.  


Normal wear and tear in student properties is perfectly normal and acceptable so don’t be afraid to use the oven or put a photo on the noticeboard

However, showing respect to your uni accommodation will help you be seen in the best possible light and get that deposit back.