Top Tips on how to Shop on a student budget! - Torsion Students
Date October 2021

Top Tips on how to Shop on a student budget!

By Alice Morley 


Being at University can become expensive very quickly with clothes shopping, weekly food shops, rent for your student accommodation, and socialising. 

There are certain services available to help the students, such as summer jobs, students bank account, discount cards, and where to shop. 


Before arriving at university:  

Definitely look at opening a student bank account.

This can be easily set up and they offer a wide range of options for example Santander provide a free railcard for 4 years which will help when you want to put student life to the side and visit family, they also have a £1.5k overdraft limit. NatWest is also a good option which allows a £3k overdraft. All you need is to be accepted into a university and to have a form of ID like a driving or provisional licence.  

You could also try and get a job before arriving to Uni to save up, it’ll come in useful, it will help relieve financial pressures and open up opportunities to be able to go out more and participate in sporting events too such as football matches. 


Discount Cards 

There are tones of  different discount cards on the market available to students. The most popular ones are Unidays and StudentBeans because they’re free when you’re in education, all you need is your university email to set up an account.

There are also ones you can pay for such as TOTUM which is £14.99 a year.

They provide students with the possibility to do activities at a cheaper price. For example, on Unidays they have discounts with Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Dominos, so if students fancy a meal out with their friends but are on a budget this is the perfect solution.    


Where to shop on a budget:  

This is probably the first time you have had to shop for themselves it can be daunting and nerve wracking, especially with the stresses of a budget.

The best place to shop is probably Lidl it is cheap and good value – even if your student accommodation is a bit further you could go with a flatmate or a friend then share an Uber on the way back if you don’t feel like carrying the shopping back. An average shop around Lidl for one person comes in around £20 a week.  

Uni can be difficult especially when financial issues are involved so if students are really struggling there is always help around them. 

There is student finance that students can take out but most of that will be used to pay for your Uni housingYou can talk to the university about getting a bigger loan and also talk to student services or friends and family for emotional support if these are worrying them.