Top tips for caring for a cactus - Torsion Students
Date September 2021

Top tips for caring for a cactus

By Chloe Gudgin. 


So Cacti are becoming more and more popular since people have been sharing them on Instagram.

But have you ever got a cactus and thought: ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, how do I look after this?!! Oh my God.. it’s dead!’ Yep we have all been there. 


Cacti are one of the most popular plants in the UK, if not the world.  The time for a Cactus to grow is between the middle of March to September due to the warmer months and more indirect sunlight.  


Here are some tips to care for your cactus: 


  1. Water every couple of weeks – Instead of watering it daily, water it every couple weeks to make sure that the cactus doesn’t drown and it gives it more time to grow than being watering it constantly.  

  2. Loads of Sunlight –  In the summer months the cactus needs to grow and to do that it needs sunlight during the lighter months as it wont get much in Autumn and Winter. Make sure they aren’t in direct sunlight because they don’t like to be scorched. 

  3. Warmth in Winter – Keep them away from draughty windows in winter because it gets too cold for the Cactus and it can end up dying. 

  4. Cactus Compost – This is important as this helps the Cactus to grow giving it more nutrients, minerals and it mimics the natural grit which a Cactus needs to grow.  

  5. Air –  You can take Cacti outside in the warm summer months but you need to get them used to it gradually and night time temperatures need to stay high. 


The Desert Candle Cactus thrives from being in-doors making it a great first-time plant to manage.

(Although it can grow tall, so you still get the satisfaction of seeing something growing that you have kept alive!)


Having a living plant in your room is said to increase productivity by up to 12%! This is due to the reduction in excess carbon dioxide in the air.

So, not only will your cactus look great, it will also help you pass your exams!