How to prepare for university life - Torsion Students
Date September 2021

How to prepare for university life

By Ayame Kaikawa


Starting university life is exciting.

But there are things you can do to make your university life start with a bang!

Here’s 5 things you can do before you start university to have a good experience.


  • Get to know the area

Getting to know the local area will be helpful and reduce worry about moving to an unknown place.

It is good to walk around the area and spend some time getting to know the surroundings. This will help you feel easier about starting a new life and prepares you for what you will need!


  • Start doing housework

When you move in to your accommodation, you might find it difficult to manage your housework and university work.

Start doing the washing, laundry, cleaning, etc. while you are at home to get used to doing this for yourself. Always be prepared for everything.


  • Look for a job

If you are trying to build up experience, having a part-time will be helpful and also help in finding friends.

However, it can be very difficult to find a job in the area since many students apply for part-time positions as soon as they move to the university.

If you want to secure a position, look for and apply for a job before you start university!


  • Meeting people

If you don’t know anyone at the same university or feeling lonely or scared to start uni, you’re not alone!

Many people want to make friends before they start university so that they don’t feel alone.

To help you enjoy your university life from the day 1 without feeling scared, finding a strong group of friends will bring out the confidence.

Check out Facebook groups and pages, many universities have students groups for each year or if you’re in private accommodation see what social groups they have.


  • Join a safety group chat

Looking for friends on social media is a good way to meet new people before you start university, but it could be dangerous!

Many universities have a safety group chat (mostly for girls) that allows you to ask for help, share information, or just to be friends! If you’re a girl and worried about safety, consider joining those safety group chats to feel safe and protect yourself!


You might be worried about starting university, especially if the university is far away from your home.

But don’t worry too much! All of first year students don’t know everything at university so if you need help, other students and your tutors will help you too!

So prepare as much as you can and enjoy your university life!