Starting University – a Student’s Perspective  - Torsion Students
Date August 2021

Starting University – a Student’s Perspective 

By Charmaine Lester 


I am hoping to go to university in September to study Business Management and I have many expectations of what my course and student life will be like. 

I want to make lots of friends and enjoy the student lifestyle (lots of partying!).


Living in a student accommodation with loads of new people is a great starting point to making friends. 

But the bit that makes me most anxious is looking after myself for the first time – I really should learn how to cook, clean and do washing before I move out of the family home. 


I love school and the subjects I am doing, the familiarity of having my friends and family around and my boyfriend – leaving all of them behind makes me feel sad but as we have discovered this year, you can stay in touch in other ways and of course there’s no reason they can’t come down and visit to see how I’m settling in to my uni housing and student life. 


I see university as the place where you can reinvent yourself and be who you want to be – it means finding new people and new places where you can learn something new.

Whether that be a lecture hall, a corridor or in a society. There are so many things I want to try so I can find out who I am as a person.  


I believe university will be what you make it. If you put in the effort and make yourself stand out, you will get back what you put in.

There are so many amazing opportunities to get involved in, such as joining new clubs, getting a part-time job and expanding your passions.

And, if you want to start something yourself, you can – it feels like anything is possible and acceptable once you rid yourself of the restraints of school and home. 


I am expecting my course to be tough, however I am always up for a challenge.

I just had a feeling after the university open day when I learned more about the course and the facilities that this is where I am meant to be.

It is the next step forward in life and I know it will open so many doors for me.  


Although it is scary, having my own uni accommodation to call home will make me grow up a lot.

Of course, there are responsibilities such as cleaning the kitchen and cooking your own food, but we were all going to learn at some point and I think when better than to start young. 


I can picture myself making chocolate brownies in my student accommodation for all of my flatmates and sitting round a table eating them over a cup of tea! 

I am so excited to start university and to begin the next chapter of my life, I don’t think it will always be easy but I know it will shape the rest of my life.