Wellbeing- keeping positive when everything seems hard. - Torsion Students
Date July 2021

Wellbeing- keeping positive when everything seems hard.

By Alice Morely 


How to stay positive in what can only be described as the worst year to join university.  


There have been no freshers, no clubs, or anything at all really. 

Students have been stuck in their rooms going from their bed to their desk to their kitchen in a constant loop. 

The only real interaction has been with flatmates at our university accommodations. It has been difficult at times to stay motivated and keep a positive outlook on life when everything around them seems so mundane.  


However, there are ways in which students can support each other and themselves. 

If students are feeling low the best way is to plan something to look forward to at the end of their week, for example facetiming an old friend from back home, catching up with other friends at university, going out for a drink, or even popping down to the cat café in Lincoln. 

Animals have been known for a great cure to release stress and even if they cannot make it to the café why not visit the horses on west or south common. 

If you don’t feel like leaving your student accommodation you can still make the most out of student life by playing some games with your flatmates or even having a cocktail night. 


Mental health is so important and one of the best ways students can help themselves is by recognising that they need help. Asking for help is never easy especially in male students as there is a lot of stigma around male mental health.

However, when reaching out they’re more likely to find that everyone has been struggling this past year, we have lost loved ones, we have been stuck with a countless number of restrictions, we have all gained or lost some lockdown weight, depression has increased by 19.2%. 


Once they have reached out to someone they trust or even by calling a helpline they should feel a massive sense of relief and strength and the person they have shared this information with may also open up to them. If reaching out seems too daunting at the time for students, you can always try meditation and acknowledge the validity of emotions.  


When feeling low put that favourite song on, create a playlist full of feel-good music. Remembering to stay active whether it is just getting some fresh air, joining a gym, or trying these new fitness trend like the Chloe ting homework-outs. 

You could cook your favourite meal or a meal which reminds you of home or why not cook for your flatmates and let them know how much you’ve enjoyed your time with them while living in your uni accommodation 


Also remembering their worth, and not letting their negative thoughts get the best of them, practicing positive self-talk for example “I am worthy, I am enough, I love my mind and body”, also remember to be proud of their accomplishments look how far they’ve come.

Another way to stay positive is by setting themselves goals, whether it is to start an assignment or to get out of bed at a certain time or even getting a job.

Another amazing cure for students can be having their childhood soft toy and giving that a hug when feeling anxious. Remembering they need to take time out of student life to set boundaries to recharge their batteries.  


Overall, there are many different ways for students to keep a positive outlook on life it may not always be easy but there is always help close by.