Why Lincoln is a great place to live as a Student  - Torsion Students
Date July 2021

Why Lincoln is a great place to live as a Student 

By Ayame Kaikawa 


If you are a student, you want to choose the perfect city to study and live. 

Here are our top reasons why Lincoln is a great city to live in as a student. 


  • History

Lincoln is a historic city with a beautiful castle and cathedral. In the castle, you can find original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta and the 1217 Charter of the Forest.

The cathedral was known as the tallest building in the world for 238 years. Walking around the beautiful historic buildings is the best way to relax from your study! 


  • Pretty buildings

On Steep Hill and the upper town there are many historic and beautiful buildings.

For example, a building named Jew’s House was built in about 1170 – it adds so much charm and history to the city. 

If you like beautiful buildings that remind you of a time gone by, why don’t you go for walk and learn all about the city you are choosing to live in? 


  • Small 

Lincoln is a very small city with many places to go. 

Everything you need for your student life, for example, supermarkets, clothing shops, pubs, restaurants, or even an arcade bar are within walking distance in Lincoln. 

So, there is no need to spend money on travel to have fun!

Pine Mill is also just a 10-minute walk from the University of Lincoln campus and from the High Street. So you won’t be late for lectures and you can go for a quick shopping trip anytime! If you are not a fan of big cities, Lincoln is definitely for you. 


  • Great access to other big cities 

You can have fun in Lincoln but sometimes we all want to travel somewhere different to feel refreshed!

The location of Lincoln is perfect to travel to big cities – for example, if you want to go to Manchester by train, you only need to change once and there is a direct train available from Lincoln to London too.

Travelling somewhere different will allow you to have extra fun! 


  • Nature 

If you like walking in nature, Lincoln is a perfect city for you. Lincoln has many parks and a huge field – West Common near the city centre.

You often see a lot of horses on the field – seems unbelievable in a city centre. Sitting by the beautiful Brayford Pool will also let you feel refreshed. If the sun is out, it’s so nice to walk or sit and relax in nature. 


  • Nights out 

Lincoln has a lot of themed club nights and friendly and historical pubs.

Why don’t you go to a nice club or pub to celebrate the effort that you put into your study?! But don’t drink too much! 


  • Safety 

You might be worried to go out at night even if you are with your friends.

Lincoln has a group called ‘Lincoln girl gang SAFETY chat’ on Facebook where people share safety tips, or you can ask somebody to walk home with you when you don’t feel safe. Even in a small city, it is important to feel safe.  


So whatever your interests or hobbies, Lincoln has something for everyone. That is why we love the student lifestyle in this small but perfectly formed city.