Where to eat in Lincoln on a budget - Torsion Students
Date June 2021

Where to eat in Lincoln on a budget

By Ayame Kaikawa 


If you are a student, tips on where to get affordable food in Lincoln might be helpful. 

In Lincoln, you can find many places that you can have an inexpensive and very tasty meal. Here are our top recommendations. 


Rising Café have a wide range of menu options from afternoon tea to chilli con carne. Moreover, it is a charity café so 100% of their profits go to a charity called Betel UK so you can donate to the charity by having tasty food. 


Bab to go is a Korean restaurant located near High Street. 

The best thing about this restaurant is that you can make your own meal by choosing toppings to add! They serve vegan/vegetarian-friendly food too so anyone can try Korean/Asian food for less than £10.


They serve several types of food, but their main speciality is Italian.

On Friday, they do ‘Friday night pizza evening’, in which you can order an authentic Italian pizza that is freshly made for you. 

They do not only serve Italian food but also their English breakfast makes for a perfect way to start the day! 


Sign of the Fish is a British fish restaurant that serves fish and chips.

If you crave tasty fish and chips that are cooked perfectly, Sign of the Fish is the best place to go in Lincoln. 

It does not only provide tasty food for an inexpensive price but also the staff are so friendly it will add extra fun to your time there. 


Arboretum Café is another British restaurant near High Street.

Their big breakfast will fill you up only for about £5!

If you also want to try a perfect vegan breakfast for an affordable price, this is the place you have been looking for. 


It is not necessary to explain the main ingredients of the food at this restaurant but if you are a fan of cheese, this restaurant will be one of the most exciting places for you to go in Lincoln!

Of course, they serve basic cheese, for example, a cheese board but you can also have a meal too, such as Mac & Cheese, Cheese pork pie, or Tartiflette. 


This cafe is located on Burton Road, which is not found very easily by tourists, so you will feel like you have found a hidden special café! 

They also have a wide range of options such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

If you want to find a hidden special café that serves a delicious meal, this place is for you. 



So, grab your friends, and for as little as £5 each you can eat like a King whilst enjoying the gastronomical delights in Lincoln. 


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