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Date June 2021

Top 5 study breaks in Lincoln

By Izzy White 

These are Lincoln Student Izzy’s top tips for getting out of your student accommodation in Lincoln, UK and finding headspace.

Sometimes deadlines and student life can get overwhelming, but with Izzy’s top tips, when you move into your student accommodation in Lincoln, you’ll know the hot spots for taking a well earned break. 


Picture this. 

It’s deadline week, the work is piling up and you can’t remember the last time you were separated from your desk in your Lincoln Uni accommodation.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to put the books down and exit the library. Here are our 5 top study-breaks in Lincoln, cherry picked to offer refreshment and inspiration.  


  1. Climb Steep Hill 

Strap on your trainers and walk up Lincoln’s most historic, cobbled street.

Not named ironically, Steep Hill was declared the fourth steepest street in England by the Ordnance Survey.

However, lined with independent shops and boutiques, the hill won’t feel so steep as it offers you plenty to look at. The top boasts a sense of accomplishment, beating heart and fantastic views of both the Cathedral and the Castle.  


  1. Have a tea break at Bunty’s Café 


For those that like a slightly slower pace, a trip to Bunty’s Café is highly recommended. Located halfway up the Steep Hill, Bunty’s is a vintage tea-room with a range of cakes and sandwiches, and even the option for afternoon tea if you’re feeling classy.

The mismatch of china and trays of cake make for student life Instagram heaven, but truly, there is nothing like a good cup of tea to refresh the mind.  



  1. Take a stroll through the Arboretum 


If the sun is shining, why not get out of your student accommodation and walk through the Victorian park and stretch out those legs.

The park boasts two ponds, a bandstand and it’s very own maze. You can throw the crusts of your sandwich for the ducks, get lost in the maze and put off your return to the library, or simply enjoy the fresh air.

Being outside is great for your wellbeing, so you might as well be somewhere pretty.  


  1. Get inspired at the Collection  


Feeling stuck?

Head to The Collection, Lincoln’s own Art and Archaeology Museum and be inspired by the range of beautiful and historic objects on display.

With their collections ranging from fine art, to armoury, to Greek and Roman archaeology, there is guaranteed to be something to spark your interests and inspire that next paragraph of your essay.

Free entry, open 10am – 4pm everyday (apart from Tuesdays).  


  1. Find some quiet in the Cathedral 


Make the most of the third largest Cathedral in the UK and head in to admire the size, structure and beauty.

Free for students in Lincoln (upon showing your student card), the Cathedral offers a place to gather your thoughts.

Alternatively, test your eyesight trying to find the Infamous Lincoln Imp, as legend says the angels set him in stone within the walls of the cathedral to make an example of his naughtiness. 

We’ll offer no spoilers to his location, but we suggest that you look up.