How to show your dad you are thinking of him when you're away at uni - Torsion Students
Date June 2021

How to show your dad you are thinking of him when you’re away at uni

By Lauren Pickup 


Life at university is busy; classes, lectures, studying and that is before you have even started on the social side of things. 

So, it’s super easy to leave Father’s Day to the last minute, or totally forget (not recommended!) and when you are further away from home than usual, sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to show your dad you are still thinking of him.

Even when you might not be physically spending the day together.


So, here is a list of great ideas that you can do (from the very, very cheap to the more lavish) that show your old man just what a big deal he is to you!  


  1. Write a letter  

Emails, texts, messenger – these are all quick and easy ways to keep in touch, but for a special message, send your dad a good old fashioned, delivered by the postman, handwritten letter.

It’s not often that we get the chance to sit down and think about why we love someone or what makes them so amazing.

Putting these thoughts to paper will make for a super personal and surprising present that will be cherished for years to come.

Plus, you can easily turn this into an annual tradition and solve all your future Father’s Days too – all for the price of a stamp!  


  1. Organise an online gaming or quiz session  

If your dad is tech savvy enough to join a zoom or teams’ event, then organising a night in together, no matter how far away you are from each other, can be a great way of spending quality time together.

If you have the time, you can splash out on matching board games so that the two of you can play at the same time, each in your own home.

But, equally, a quiz session can be just as much fun without the expense – make your questions ‘dad’ themed and you are sure to be onto a winner.

You can make this more of a family affair too and invite siblings to the party (but only if you want to share the credit 😉) 


  1. Surprise him with a night or day back at home 

This one is a bit more of an effort, both in time and effort, but if you can wrangle it, a surprise night back home will bring all the feels.

Try and suss out what your dad’s plans are over the weekend and turn up somewhere he is least expecting it – running into him in the Tesco aisle? Standing on the golf green? A surprise visit back home just to hang with the old man will win you brownie points for years! 

Or give him an IOU for when you can make it special another time. 


  1. Share a Takeaway  

Is your dad a fan of a Sunday night takeaway?

Then what better way to treat him this Father’s Day then to a surprise takeaway delivery! Make sure no one else is cooking for him and order in his favourite take out to enjoy on you.

Delivery sites make it easier than ever to order and deliver food and lockdown means the options are limitless! You can go the extra mile and order in the same for yourself and call him up to eat it together – Chicken Tikka over WIFI anyone?