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Date April 2021

High quality living and a ready-made community

Why purpose-built student accommodation trumps a traditional shared house!

By Torsion Students

Who said student halls are just for first years? With all their benefits, are you sure you want a traditional shared house?

For the first year of university, many students will go into university halls. In the second year, some students share a private house or flat. But why not stay in our purpose-built student accommodation and get the best of both worlds: freedom and excitement of shared living, but with amazing facilities, all bills included, plus a responsible landlord who will make sure you get the best service 24/7. Red Queen near Warwick University is a stylish apartment block whilst Pine Mill in Lincoln is a student neighbourhood of houses.

Everybody needs good neighbours!

If you move into a house or flat share, you’ll be sharing with a few people that you’ll hopefully get to know really well. But in purpose-built accommodation there are simply more people to meet and become friends with. We have a huge social calendar every term, offering the perfect opportunity to make loads of new friends from all over the world. If you’ve had enough of your immediate flatmates (we’ve all been there!), just head to one of your neighbours or some of the social space – indoors or outside.

Competitive prices

There’s no doubt about it, student life can be expensive. We offer honest, competitive prices with different types of accommodation to cater for everyone – shared flats with your own en-suite bathroom and communal living space or a house with your own kitchen, living and dining area. And with no hidden fees, we create payment plans to work with your student finance and loans.

Safe and sound

This one will go down well with mum and dad! Your safety is one of our top priorities, and we have a team available 24 hours a day, as well as CCTV and secure access arrangements to make sure you feel safe at all times, Plus we include contents insurance – another reason for you and your parents to feel reassured.

Flexible tenancy

Tenancy agreements can be for 12 months in a traditional shared house – which can be restrictive. But we understand that things can change (look at the last year as an example!) and so we try and be as flexible as possible. Or here’s an idea… why not simply stay for your full three years; no more packing!

All bills included….plus unlimited WiFi!

Bills can mount up – in a traditional shared house you’ll need to consider TV license, electricity, gas, water and broadband….. its not cheap! Torsion Students builds all of these costs in, avoiding any unexpected power cuts or eye-watering bills at the end of the month.

Never queue for the bathroom

No-one likes queuing at the best of times but if you’re running late for lectures it’s even worse. In a traditional shared house there could be just the one bathroom (and lets not even talk about hot water…or lack of!). We have en-suites in all our rooms, so you have the fun of sharing a flat or house with your friends AND your own private bathroom.

Great location and facilities

In Torsion Students properties, we are located close to the university, meaning you can walk to campus and be close to the city-centre but you can also live comfortably in our properties if you just like a quiet life. Our buildings are your home, so we want you to bring your friends over, order in a take-away and get your shopping delivered if you want to.

Here for you

We have a friendly team of people always ready to help. If you get locked out, we’re here. If you have a delivery at the same time as a lecture, we’ll sign for it. If something is broken, we’ll fix it – yes, we’ll even change your lightbulbs (or show you how!).

While we know different set ups work for different people, we can guarantee a great experience in our shared accommodation – and if anything ever does go wrong – and we all know these things happen – you aren’t alone. We’re always on hand to help. Or to just have a catch up cuppa with our friendly team!

Pete Nicholson