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Date April 2021

Different Student Accommodation

Make sure you do your research thoroughly before signing on the dotted line for your next years accommodation.

By Torsion Students

University Halls

You might think that as a first year, you have to go into university halls but you do have a choice and whilst your uni might encourage you to apply, you do not have to live there.

You couldn’t get more convenient than being on or close to campus but this might mean living outside the city centre which is where you will probably spend most of your time when not in lectures. Have a good look at the area when you attend the Open Day and check transport if your campus and accommodation aren’t in the city.

You will be allocated a student room with other first years from your uni. But what if you want to experience living with a more diverse crowd? A year is a long time, so make sure you consider who you would like to live with carefully.

The application process means you might not get your first choice and by the time you find out, the rest of the good quality accommodation in the city could be booked up. So you could book elsewhere if you don’t like living on the edge.

Shared House

A shared house may seem cheap but make sure you consider how long you want a tenancy agreement for as you might not be there for the whole year – it’s great though if you have a 12 month course or get a job over the summer.

You will be eligible for the rent and bills if any of your housemates decide to leave part way through the year, or are unable to pay and quite often you will be responsible for finding a replacement tenant if you don’t want to carry on paying.

When you first move in (and often after), you have to spend hours on the phone to the internet provider or stay in for a delivery. And you should factor in time spent chasing the landlord or agent to get things fixed especially if there are a lot of you living together.

These houses are usually in a highly populated student area meaning there will be a sense of community and the most popular takeaways will be on your doorstep during term time but if you’re in the minority staying in the holidays, it might be lonely.

Living by Yourself

If sharing isn’t your thing, you can still live in a studio or one bedroom flat – many private halls offer these options. Local letting agents will also have options for you in the city centre although you will have to cover all the rent and bills yourself and no one to help with admin.

Private Accommodation

If you thought private halls were only for first years, only for international students or you couldn’t live with friends, you were wrong!

There are many misunderstandings about living in private halls so to clarify, they are effectively shared accommodation just like a house or flat but often with lots of facilities included, someone to ask questions to and your safety and security looked after. There are different length contracts to

suit your situation and you’re more likely to have your own en-suite bathrooms than in university halls or a private house or flat.

You aren’t eligible for the rent of the whole flat as you only rent a room and your bills and facilities are included. You may think the amount you pay monthly or termly is high but when you add all the bills you would have been paying up in a house you will realise that it isn’t much different and you can budget and wont be given any unexpected bills.

All students from different universities can live in private halls so you might find yourself sharing with a diverse group of students. Or you can get your group of mates to live together so you can share a kitchen.

Find out more about living in private accommodation in Lincoln or Coventry here. Pine Mill in Lincoln is houses whilst also being managed by an onsite team, so you get the best of both worlds.

Pete Nicholson