Making the most of your Open Day - Torsion Students
Date March 2021

Making the most of your Open Day

Whether you are attending a university open day in person or virtually, student accommodation should be part of your schedule. 

By Torsion Students

Accommodation should form part of your decision-making process as much as the uni or course. If you love the uni but don’t research the accommodation, you could be disappointed by the location, cost or quality on offer which may ultimately impact the whole experience.  

  1. If you’re able to visit the Open Day in person, plan enough time to leave campus behind and look at the city as a whole, on foot is best. If the uni halls are on campus but it is far from the city centre, check out the public transport options and if you want to be really thorough, if possible, stay overnight so you can see the city and campus when it is dark. If you can only visit virtually, use the time instead to go on Google Street View and to research the local area online. 
  2. Research the accommodation options and make sure you have time to visit, call or arrange online viewings for both uni halls and private halls – you can check out their reviews online. Have a look at online property portals or local letting agents to get an idea of the area, quality and rental prices. You should be able to speak to the experts which will give you a view of who is offering great customer service as well as suitable housing.
  3. Build a list of accommodation options covering all types on offer so you don’t set your heart on just one. Remember to consider private halls, houses and university halls – you do have a choice. You wont always be lucky enough to get your first option so it pays to be realistic and adaptable.
  4. When weighing up the costs for your university journey, consider all elements of accommodation from the deposit and rent, to bills and living expenses. Ensure there aren’t any hidden costs so you can budget properly. 
  5. Don’t be persuaded by incentives and offers, try and think about a 1 – 3 year commitment and what living experience will best suit your academic ideals
  6. Keep your options open – don’t just experience one open day as the uni will pull out all the stops to make it impressive, but the next one could be even better. Each university and city will offer something very different and you’ll only know you have made the right decision once you have a few to compare. 
  7. Most universities offer you the option to talk to students online about their experiences. Definitely take up this opportunity or explore around The Student Room and don’t forget to ask where they have lived and what their reviews are.
Pete Nicholson